Social Media Marketing – #Confusion #CannotDoItAlone #WhereDoIStart?

Social media trends seem to evolve weekly, so it can be confusing and intimidating for local businesses to take on the challenge of social media marketing. But with billions of users worldwide connected to their social media platforms – both creating and consuming content daily – one trend that continues to endure is growth. If your business is not in the social media conversation, you’re out of the loop.

Don’t sweat it. Oregonian Marketing Solutions is dialed in.

Our digital strategy team works with you to develop profiles of your target audience, and we couple those with social marketing strategies in alignment with your brand to engage users, capture valuable consumer data, cultivate leads and ultimately earn new customers.

Let’s open a dialogue about how we can help your business harness the effectiveness of social media advertising and content marketing on such ubiquitous platforms as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube to fill your sales funnel.

Social Media Marketing Campaigns By The Oregonian

No matter your objective, there’s a highly effective social media strategy and toolset for reaching the right audience and telling your story.

Growing Fans

We apply proven tools for identifying and targeting likely prospects and immediately elevating your social media stature by generating likes, followers, shares and subscribers. Once accomplished, you’ve earned permission to cost-effectively converse with them.

Converting Intenders

We qualify and nurture prospects by directing them to your website or content assets, then re-messaging them after they’ve viewed, liked, or shared your content.

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