Amplifying your share of voice in an intensely crowded market.

Retail Marketing – You can still stand out and achieve the outstanding

Retail dominates the digital advertising landscape. Total spending will continue growing, commanding an ever-larger share of voice online. It’s becoming more and more costly to stand out in today’s crowded market, but retailers in Oregon and Southwest Washington can still achieve outstanding results.

Serving as a comprehensive, reliable source of news and information about local businesses is one of the hallmarks of local journalism. And it’s a big reason why readers rely on The Oregonian and OregonLive for reporting on emerging trends in fashion, dining and nearly every category of goods and services that you can purchase. From new openings and relocations; to thoughtful reviews of products and services, our readers want to be well-informed and in the know.

And they’re a highly desirable audience. Nearly 60 percent of them are homeowners with an average household income above $90,000, so they’ve got money to spend on discretionary items.¹ But growing your business doesn’t require that you reach all of them, so we can target just the right number that you need to reach your goals – whether you’re aiming for a quarterly increase or a weekend inventory reduction. Because researching online before actual shopping is part of nearly every customer’s journey, we track readership of all our digital retail content, along with readers’ other related browsing activity. Then we cross-reference that information with valuable third-party data to create customized, highly-qualified, geographically targeted audiences for our advertisers.

No matter what you’re selling, we can cost-effectively reach and convert just the precise number of qualified, interested prospects to become your newest customers.

Source: 1. Scarborough 2020 R1; Base: Portland DMA (28 counties); Target: A18+ and The Oregonian INA + OregonLive in the next 30 days.
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